Newberg-Dundee Bypass Project: ODOT Right of Way Acquisition Moving Forward

ODOT is moving forward with Phase I of its long-time coming Newberg-Dundee Bypass Project.  Check out my December 23, 2013 piece in the Daily Journal of Commerce:  “Bypass project inflicting collateral damage.”  Here’s an excerpt:

While Phase 1 of the project will go toward effecting ODOT’s goal of decreasing traffic congestion on OR 99W in Newberg and Dundee, the project will have dramatic effect on property owners, homeowners and business in its path.  Armed with over $76.2 million in right of way acquisition funds for Phase 1, ODOT will acquire by condemnation or threat of condemnation over 156 acres of real estate, comprised of 147 properties or parts of properties.  These takings will displace approximately 59 residences and 11 businesses. 

For more information on the Project, see ODOT’s Project website:

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